Myke Hutchings

Co-Director/Human Resources
So who is this Myke guy? I've been a professional musician since 1988, working with clowns and other funny people since 1992 finally accepting that I was a clown in 1995. I've released two CDs of my own music and three CDs of comedy music with Balderdash and Humbug. I've worked with Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, Leon Redbone, Cat Stevens, as well as some guy named Mr. Rainbow and have entertained everywhere from street corners to heavy metal clubs to hospitals to Royal Albert Hall. I continue my as a theatrical musician, a classical singer and composer. As Phineus, I can be found playing, telling tall tales and singing to guests at Steampunk, Comic and Renaissance Fairs. At ACA 2.0 I'm the guy you'll find on the porch with a guitar in my lap, singing ridiculous songs, telling stories and helping people who want to add music to their routines. I'll also be helping with performance coaching for all venues, just ask! I am also the Human Resources Director ACA 2.0....You got a problem or need help? Please come see me!