Bill Schober

My name is Bill Schober and have been clowning around for over 25 years. My day job is part Owner of Charles Schober Co which was started by my Great Grand father in 1892. It has stayed in the family for 125 years. I am a Dad of Five and " GRAANND -Popa" to 3 Boys. I am currently the World Clown Association Chaplain-Elect and will take that role on after their 2020 convention in September. I'm also the elected Chaplain of MACA ( Mid-Atlantic Clown Association) and President of our local Clown Alley called Kapo's gang. I'm also the president of a Clown Ministry Troupe called LAUGH Clown Ministry ( Laugh is stands for LOVING ALL UNDER GODS HOUSE for World Clown Association.. I'm currently the Chair of the Administrative Council at my home church. I LOVE Clowning around a visiting the Elderly at the Local Nursing home and goofing off at the Local Hospital. I have clowned overseas on three different occasions, twice to Romania and once to Panamá I found Funny is funny all over the world.