Alan Greenwood

Welcome to the interesting world of Alan Greenwood, also known as 'Fizzlepop the Clown' and 'Red Skelton Tributarian Extraordinaire'. Alan has been performing as Fizzlepop for more than thirty-five years now(he started young!). His tribute to Red Skelton Show 'Reflections of Red' has been headlining for going on eight years and is showing no signs of letting up. Al's entry into the clown world started with a performance in the stage production 'Barnum' where he learned to walk on stilts, juggle and play a clown character. From there Al started doing birthday parties while still pursuing his acting career. Having a fascination for the clown at an early age at the circus and on TV, he was hooked and combining clowning with his acting was inevitable. Intensive acting study highlights at several Universities in Ontario included 'Children's Theatre' by Brian Way, one of England's foremost experts. 'Comedy and Farce' by Theresa Sears of Sears & Switzer a comedy duo in the 1970's and 'Epic Acting' by Steven Bush, playwright, author. Al used this knowledge and his attendance at 'Advanced Studies in The Art of Clowning' in Virginia in the early 1990's to create Fizzlepop's character. Over the years memorable performances on film include appearances on set with celebrities Jack Lemmon, John Neville, James Doohan, Kaley Cuoco, Kirstie Allen, Dennis Hopper, Michael Emerson, Tim Matheson, Andie MacDowell, Avril Lavigne, Jason Priestley and Keifer & Donald Sutherland. Select Television appearances of note are as a guest featuring Fizzlepop the Clown on 'Regional Contact', Senior Living TV Magazine (Premier), a Comcast commercial and an appearance in a BBC Mini series. He was the lead actor in 80 episodes of Crime Stoppers with roles that portrayed the villain. Alan narrated the pilot film for 'Sounds like Motown' a two hour feature film on HBO based on the support of Aretha Franklin, featuring Musical Arts High School students in Victoria, BC. Al did a few radio commercials and was once a guest on Tom Green's radio show. Improv league at Carleton University, murder mysteries, played a mascott and about fifty roles on stage in live theatre, including the Fringe Festival. A few of note: 'Boolie' in Driving Miss Daisy, 'Johnathen Brewster' in Arsenic and Old Lace, 'Howie Newsome' in Our Town and of course Red Skelton, his favourite role of all! Alan feels blessed by the wonderful response he has received for 'Reflections of Red'. Alan as Fizzlepop has performed throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico with over a 1,000 appearances from small birthday parties to grand openings, fairs, exhibitions and corporate events. On Parliament Hill in Canada's capital city with world renown Cartoonist Ben Wick's for the launch of the 'Born to Read' campaign. There was a time Fizzlepop entertained the visiting children of the Chernobyl disaster. He was at the Governor General of Canada's residence entertaining on a number of occasions. There were the annual charity events held by the wives of the Ottawa Senator's NHL Hockey club. At one time or another Alan has worked with all major and local non-profits, including the children's hospital and Make A Wish Foundation. Alan's extensive training in the acting field has brought him a wealth of knowledge he enjoys sharing almost as much as he loves performing…..almost. He went on to do clown workshops for Algonquin College theatre students in Ottawa Ontario where after two years he was asked to be a permanent instructor. He taught acting, theatrical clowning, advanced scene study, theatre performance, finding your character, movement and voice. His years on the faculty earned him the admiration of his students. Alan has performed and taught clowning for all ages over the years paying special attention to the particular needs of each group. He designed a unique class to help children that have a clown phobia or coulrophobia to understand that all clowns are different and the fear comes from the outside of the clown, not within. This in part has led to the respect he has enjoyed teaching at clown conventions in Canada and the United States including Shrine conventions in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. It was a particular thrill going from student to instructor when Al introduced Comedy Improv to the attendees of Advanced Studies at Camp Bethel in 2006 and 2008. It was an honour to be teaching with the likes of Hall of Fame clown Leon 'Buttons' McBryde, Marcela 'Mama' Murad and JT 'Bubba' Sikes. In the spring of 2013 Alan set out on a cross Canada tour of nearly one hundred performances. In July he was invited by Mrs. Lothian Skelton to attend the Grand Opening of the 'Red Skelton Museum' in honour of Red's 100th Birthday in Vincennes, Indiana. October saw his tribute to Red receive yet another standing ovation at the Grand Opening of the Gallipeau Centre Theatre near Ottawa and he topped off the year accepting an invitation to teach and perform 'Reflections of Red' at the Mid Atlantic Clown Association's 30th anniversary convention in Harrisburg.