David Bartlett

Who Am I, And What Is The Best I Have To Offer You At ACA 2.0 ? I am David Bartlett, also known as Mr Rainbow. I am from Durham, North Carolina. I started clowning in 1981 and have been a full-time clown since 1988. During the VHS era I produced and sold worldwide a series of 19 balloon sculpture and clown performance instruction videos. When DVD took over, I made even more. In 2000 I was hired to instruct at Millennium Jam in Belgium. That led to a total of 7 engagements in Europe that included the 2006 European Jugglers Convention in Denmark. My last two years at Millennium Jam I was Head Judge for the Ballooning and Entertainment competitions. Having said that... yes I can probably help you out with balloons at ACA... BUT that is definitely NOT the most valuable thing I have to offer attendees. For many years I wrote clown specific performance based articles for LaughMakers Magazine, The New Calliope Magazine, Clowning Around Magazine, and Funny Paper Magazine. The best of those articles ended up being published in my book Behind The Big Red Nose. I also wrote The Clown Star, what was then called "the new clown bible." My latest book A Guide to YOUnique Clowning extensively covers character and comic development specific to clowning, highlighting the need to create characters that are based in YOU and are therefore unique and not cookie cutter. Having said that... I will not be giving any lectures about what is contained in the books. No need to waste your valuable ACA time with something that is better done on your own time and pace, with the ability to go back and stop and consider and maybe re-read (or listen in the case of audiobook.) Its much better done with words specifically chosen to say exactly what I want to say instead of a poor live summation that leaves so much out. I have 23 years hospital clowning experience, having started programs in two different hospitals, as well as experience with other health care environments including memory care facilities. I have almost 30 years experience as a trade show clown. I have musical experience (ukulele and omnichord) in writing and performing original songs and parodies and have two albums of Christmas parodies available on iTunes and Amazon under the group name Balderdash and Humbug. Will I be teaching this specifically at ACA? Not specifically but, like ballooning, it may come up. So, what is the BEST I have to offer to attendees of ACA 2.0? The BEST I have to offer you is taking all that experience and applying it with a skilled coaching eye toward making whatever skills... and tricks and bits and routines you have and bring to ACA ... and making them more comic and more entertaining!!! I also have an extensive theatrical background starting in 1979 which includes many lead roles in musicals as well as serious and comic plays. I have also directed musicals and plays. I continue to perform as a non-Equity actor in professional Equity theaters. I have done a lot of personal mentoring over the years for clowns through direct live contact and through video analysis. Example: Through video coaching I helped our own Lee Andrews see a number of missed valuable opportunities in his very successful and entertaining library shows. I also did video coaching for a number of years at Leon McBryde's Advanced Studies Camp. This kind of guidance and help is in fact the most valuable service I can provide attendees at ACA 2.0... provided that you come to ACA with material to work with, with videos of you working, and with ideas and concepts of your own!!! ACA 2.0 isn't the place to come and get a few ideas and bits and skills. It is the place to refine and polish those you already have under the guidance of skilled practitioners who have been down that exact road themselves.